Hello Oregon

By the end of this year I'll be turning 30 and I don't think I ever taken on a trip on my own accord that I would call an adventure. It was now or never and so I book a plane ticket for myself, along with my bike and some planning involved I wanted to see where Oregon will take me.  


Of course along in for my adventure was Esteban who's attitude can be summed up as...

"whats the worse that can happen?"

We both ran blackburn outpost handlebar and seatbag. 


The Specialized Sequoia was my rig of choice. 3 water bottle cages, fork cage mount and 2 inch tire clearance made this a really great tool for the job. Though there were some cases of tire rub. 

Esteban went with a more cost efficient build just taking his old Specialized Crux putting 40mm tires, lots of straps, carabiners and a backpack.




Remember what he said about what's the worse that could happen?

Yeah it got pretty hard...where we were climbing 5000ft in the first 15 miles





But in all honesty, we couldn't care less. The Mount Hood National Forest was the perfect distraction


Being a little remote made me anxious about food and water but if you're smart about it and come prepared, its not too bad


Our camping adventure eventually came to an end...



But first some donuts....



The rest of the trip we planned to road trip more of Oregon first exploring more of Portland head our way through Eugene to eventually get to Crater lake. We eventually made our way up back through Bend and finally back to PDX to fly home.

I'll have to thanks Esteban for booking us really cool airbnb for the rest of the trip

It wouldn't be a Portland tour without stopping by some framebuilders. We were able to make sometime to visit Breadwinner Cycles who is run by Ira Ryan and Pereira and also The Vanilla Workshop 


Our last half of the trip had us drive through more national forest, high down water falls and bask in awe of Crater Lake before ending the last day in Bend on a horse sanctuary farm.

In the end nothing worse really happened